Ebola Virus Epidemic Strikes Kono District, Sierra Leone.

Ebola Outreach in Sierra Leone

The WellBody Alliance is a small NGO that is largely run and operated by local Sierra Leoneans and largely funded by donors from the United States. WellBody was in a unique position to mobilize and reach out in to the extreme rural areas of Sierra Leone to help people who have been infected by the

BorBor Pain

Borbor Pain - Suffering Child

Children take a break from sorting and crushing stone at a rock mine to be sold to construction companies in the coastal town of Lumlee, Sierra Leone on July 14, 2011. There are colonies of hundreds of people from the very old to the very young displaced from civil war that ended nearly a decade ago with no other real options for survival. Every hand on deck is used in the full process of mining the hard rock from the hillsides and carried to the bottom and crushed in to several different sizes to be sold. A month's worth of labor could yield as much as $2US or as little as nothing.